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"Margrit has a keen read on the particular emotion and tone of a scene, and she is GREAT at composing music that sharpens those elements. Margrit has composed and performed scores for three of my short films, and I absolutely would (and hope to!) work with her again."

--Lyn Elliot, Writer/ Director

Margrit is a gift.  She put my anxieties about describing the score for my film to rest and got to work.  She delivered each composition with efficiency and flare, graciously accepting my feedback until she struck the perfect chord."

--Scott Boswell, Writer/ Director

"An art-pop mix of sly songcraft and

production savvy,"

--Alan Haber, Pure Pop Radio

Margrit composed a wonderful score for  a short video I needed to complete on a very tight deadline. She understood quickly what we needed and put a lot of creative thought and care into the project. She's also fun and great to work with!

--Leah Mahan, Director/ Producer

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